The server needs donations!

Why to donate

This server is NOT cheap to run. The power bill is over $300 a month. As I’m hosting the server for free, any donations are appreciated. They will go directly into buying a new server which doesn’t use up as much electricity, as well as paying the power bill itself.

Specifications of the new server:

<iframe src=”http://www.2p2e.tk/toembed/newServerStatsv1.html” width=1000 height=620 frameBorder=”0”></iframe>

How to donate

You’ve been convinced and want to donate to keep the server on it’s feet? You can donate here. Thanks! - DaPorkchop_


Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.

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Donate to me: 16c6SxeTDfFEM16mumNav8QtFCeRHvf5S8